Produced by CVS Films

Produced by CVS FILMS:

Chaand set up CVS Films in 2008 and made a couple of short films: Refraction, Spin-dryer Affair etc. She made a documentary called –‘The  UNTOLD STORIES’ about Hounslow residents and another about the –‘Koh-i-Noor diamond: A view from young and old.

 In 2012 she wrote, produced and directed her first feature film – ‘THROW OF A DICE’. The film was screened in London, India, Los Angeles, Canada and at the British Film Institute in 2013. It is streaming on KUSHCINEMA.COM and will shortly be available on YOUTUBE for free. Chaand’s contention is: “rather than expecting any revenue, I want this film to be seen.” It stars Wil Johnson, Ruby Sahota, Simon Britton amongst others.

Our previous film: THROW OF A DICE was:

  1. Awarded the BEST FILM when it participated in the INTERNATIONAL BLACK FILM FESTIVAL in 2012.
  2. Awarded the Audience award in 2012 in the TOUNGUES ON FIRE Film Festival in London.
  3. Participated in PAFF: Pan African Film Festival in Los Angeles in 2013.
  4. Participated in the Community Film Festival on invitation: ‘COMMFEST’ in TORONTO, Canada.
  5. Was screened at Chandīgarh Punjab University, THE French Institute in Chandigarh and in Delhi, India.


Brief outline -THROW OF A DICE:

THEME: substance matters rather than our appearance, which is a gamble of our birth.

Duncan Beckford is a geneticist but stacks shelves in a supermarket. A chance meeting with Neeta propels his career into the job he was trained for. He also ends up falling for Neeta’s niece Kaamni, they get married but she has fertility problems. Following the horrific murder of his brother Justin, Duncan resorts to genetic modification to protect his unborn child. He achieves his goal but couldn’t have foreseen the tragedy that followed…