Girls Will Laugh


Chaand is working on her novel: ‘GIRLS WILL LAUGH’– it’s a narrative of her own personal experiences collated in this novel form. The host community’s dismissive attitude and various form of discrimination she encountered. But the fundamental theme of the novel is –

 ‘women empowerment’

She has finished writing – currently is in the process of editing, which is taking even longer.


Sapna is eight months pregnant, homeless and penniless and with no one around to look after her in her condition. She is a product of a society where women abandoned by their husbands have no status and no identity! A young mother with a baby without a man around is open to all kind of inquisitions, accusations and abuse – where is the father? Why did he leave? Under a Patriarchal system, it’s always woman’s fault! She must have done something terrible to bring it upon herself!

Her brain is not just in turmoil but in a state of paralysis: Logic grew wings and flew off. She sets off on an arduous journey into the unknown: travels on a plane, buses, train and on a boat through two continents to save her unborn child’s life and to escape the tyranny of the men: father, brothers and a husband – ha the families!

She is determined to defy every rule in the patriarchal book and is determined to give her unborn child a decent future. Especially if it is a girl, who will have complete freedom to carve out her own identity, her own future, her own life and will choose her own path in life.

The lottery of birth did her no favours. She watched her mother slave all her life for mere three essentials: Shelter, bread and some cheap attire! She knows that her true liberation is to achieve economic independence. Never having to depend financially on any man or anyone, not ever. She steps out of that dark tunnel, hoping there is a bright light at the end of her sojourn.

Kindness of complete strangers: Americans, Iranians, Germans and the English overwhelms her. Her arrival on that fateful night in a small village in Berkshire-UK, was unexpected, then the inevitable happened…