Founded in 2008 (Formerly CVS FILMS) - We make dynamic films which are inclusive and reflect the makeup of society we live in.


Founded in 2008 (Formerly CVS FILMS) - We make dynamic films which are inclusive and reflect the makeup of society we live in.

Welcome to Chaand Productions

CHAAND PRODUCTIONS (formerly CVS Films) was set up to produce films which are not commercial and may not interest other established, mainstream producers. To us, content matters. It should reflect the concerns and apprehensions of the community we live in. Our belief is that – it will still appeal to a greater number of people around the world who will empathise with our point of view on issues around race, gender and the immigration.

After all it took a man like Richard Attenborough 30 years to make Gandhi, then the film won eight Oscars!

Our colonial past impacts our present. We want to make dynamic films, which are inclusive and reflect the make-up of the society we live in. Our young generation of all colours has got to be informed about the truth of our past. Why are these immigrants here? Sure, many comedians might make light of it and say – “We’re here because YOU were THERE!”. 

Specifically, Trevor Noah always put things in a palatable fashion in his interviews, his stand ups and while he was presenting the Daily Show. It was so clever of him to talk about these serious issues in the way that he does.



Chaand Chazelle

Chaand is a writer, producer, director, a film maker, broadcaster and an occasional actor.

She was born in India and has lived in the UK since 1974. Despite having studied science to become a doctor, like her father; but his sexist foot came down heavily and her ambitions were crushed. Then she got her master’s degree in politics and philosophy.


Current WORK


HERITAGE RECLAIMED – our current project, is in the process of pre-production.


Three students’ audacious, inept and amateurish plan to retrieve the Koh-I-Noor diamond from the Tower of London Horribly backfires.

Brief outline of the film:

Three young students: Vishaal, Jimmy and Ollie from Glasgow University learn through Prof. McPherson about the – ‘Stone of Destiny’ – which was taken from Scotland in 1296 by Edward the 1st. Ian Hamilton and his three friends took the ‘Stone of Scone’ back to Scotland from Westminster Abbey in 1950 without any reprisals. It plants an idea in Vishaal’s head – ‘We can Retrieve the famous KOH-I-NOOR diamond from the Tower of London and return it to India.’ But their inept and clumsy plan backfires miserably. They are apprehended and jailed then tried in a Crown Court.




Heritage Reclaimed The script is now close to be finalised and will be published soon.


Kohinoor Mix

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Throw of a dice

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