About Chaand

Chaand is a writer, producer, director, a film maker, broadcaster and an occasional actor.

She was born in India and has lived in the UK since 1974. Despite having studied science to become a doctor, like her father; but his sexist foot came down heavily and her ambitions were crushed. Then she got her master’s degree in politics and philosophy.

Chaand was elected as a Labour Councillor and served for one term in 1999-2002. While canvassing she met interesting people with diverse views and problems. She found that work satisfying; since she was able to help people from all backgrounds with all sorts of problems and issues. 

She later tried for a parliamentary seat but unfortunately was sent to the Tory Homelands, where labour had no chance to win.

Chaand also worked for 25 years with the London Metropolitan Police as a freelance Linguist. 

Her work took her to all 200 Police stations in Greater London. In her Interpreter’s role she worked in Magistrate courts, Crown Courts and at the High Court. She also assisted in many civil cases in County Courts dealing with property disputes and custody cases. 

It gave her an insight into the cross-section of society which she never would have encountered.